BZPReview are a buch of idiots, the only reason I did an “interview” with them was to see how much shit I could stuff their mouth full of. And, surprise┬ásurprise, they took it all. I mean, really? I thought it was pretty clear from my responses that I was making fun of you, only very thinly veiled. For fuck’s sake, I talked about how BZP caused LEGO to end bionicle, the staff were pedophiles, and I think I actually verbatim quoted The Matrix at one point. And yet, they still posted it all.

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    why? we’ve never abstained from posting obvious trolling here. by the way, nice back-tracking. Admin 1
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    I’m sorry, but the joke appears to have gone over your head. Everyone was laughing at you, not with you. I mean, I...